Keeping MSMEs in the Philippines Fit and Healthy

In the Philippines, MSMEs (micro, small, medium enterprises) constitute 99.5% of total business enterprises, employ 63% of the nation’s workforce, and contribute 40% to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

At the height of the lockdowns due to the pandemic, MSMEs were severely affected and suffered from income losses. With pressing concerns on cashflow and other financial constraints, providing employee benefits like health care can be challenging as businesses prioritize to cover other more urgent operational expenses to stay afloat.

Intellicare’s purpose as an organization is to ensure that Filipinos get access to high-quality, effective, efficient, and compassionate health care services. As such, we recently relaunched “FIT”, a health care program designed for MSMEs. Comprising of four types of plans (Essential, Lite, Pro, Elite), the client may choose their level of access to healthcare providers and facilities at a cost which does not hurt their pockets.

All plans include In-Patient Care, Out-Patient Care, Emergency Care, and Teleconsultation.  Coverage can further be supplemented depending on the needs of the employees to include dental benefits, group life insurance, mental health program, and global medical emergency assistance.

As the world gradually heals and economies slowly recover, Intellicare recognizes that it must do its part to cultivate and take care of the mindset, energy, and passion for life embodied by entrepreneurs and business owners. Helping them keep their employees fit and healthy is key to realizing a better “new normal” in the years to come.

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